Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To The British Queen

In 1814 your navy came
And set our capital all aflame.

They stood in our Congress,
Scrawled words which were naughty,
And swaggered about,
In a manner damned haughty.

Our poor Congressmen had to flee
For their lives
Along with servants, and cousins,
And in-laws, and wives.

And bureaucrats too, had to take
To their heels
Discarding all thoughts of large
Pensions and deals.

Ah yes, Gracious Sovereign, there is
Much to remember
Of that grim Summer day
(Or was it night in December?).

But though we preserve all of what
We've been taught
Of the toil of our forebears and
Their freedoms, hard bought,

And of all the dear things for which
They had striven,
Still, I think I may say
You are truly forgiven.

1814 now pales in the light
Of your reign...
Won't you please send your
Navy to do it again?

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