Wednesday, February 23, 2011


If the lonely young woman still exists,
Who once viewed her world
Through your eyes,
It might brighten a few mornings
For her to know that she is still remembered.
Even now, after more than
A half century has come
And gone away.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mann und Kind

One does not eat soup
With the long spoon.
It is used for meat alone;
The living flesh of those
Who, leaving care
Filled homes,
Filled holes
In fields
Of France
And else
Where rot the dreams
Of 'Mann und Kind' of
Europe's lonely Womanhood.

('Long Spoon' == The bayonet).


Inside each moment,
When there's little to give,
There's an instant where
Coward and Hero both live.

The battles which rage then
Are given no names,
Or loud martial music,
Or bursting of flames.

And yet, in a way
That we fear most of all,
It is there, in that instant,
We stand or we fall.


Like the wetness of our
Two bodies,
Must I remember always,
Even beyond this life,
How time has turned our fire
Into ashes?


If you've sent for to know how the future will go,
Well then, this, I suspect, is the law:
We will outlive the Czars, and the Red Commisars,
But we'll still know the Bear by its claw.

Newmarket Girls

"You've 'ad it Yank,"
She said in a fret.
I said "That's not quite true."
For I couldn't recall having 'ad it' yet,
And she said "You h'aint goin to."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We lie here, close together
But, somehow, far apart.
Waiting for this night to end
And for our lives to start.

Some feel love as something warm
Touching, holding, knowing, known.
But lonely people feel its' hurt
And we are soon alone.